The 16th Annual A-PBA (Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association) Biorisk Conference

The 16th Annual A-PBA (Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association) Biorisk Conference


This regional conference aims at generating a forum exchange on the various current Biosafety and biosecurity issues of concern at the global, regional, national and technical level.


Biosafety and biosecurity are critical components of preparedness for future pandemics. They encompass measures to prevent the accidental release or intentional misuse of dangerous pathogens and to ensure the safe handling and containment of infectious agents. By integrating robust biosafety and biosecurity measures into pandemic preparedness plans, the risks associated with the handling of dangerous pathogens can be minimized, thereby reducing the potential for accidental releases or intentional misuse that could lead to future pandemics.

International biosafety experts and professionals from around the world will be speaking and sharing their knowledge and experiences. This conference will be a valuable opportunity for networking and be updated with the current development on biosafety and biosecurity uniquely to the Asia-Pacific region.

Two days Pre-Conference Workshops & two days Conference highlights:

·       Policy, Standard and Guidelines

·       One Health

·       Zoonotic Disease, Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease

·       Emerging Biotechnology

·       Country’s Experience on future pandemic preparedness

·       Pre-conference workshop on:

o   Cybersecurity

o   Biobanking/Biorepository

o   Biosafety risk assessment on biological product manufacturing

o   Biosecurity risk assessment and mitigation

o   Biosafety related standard; 4th LBM WHO

o   Laboratory incident Table Top Exercise (handling, reporting and investigation)

Inspection and auditing of Biosafety and Biosecurity for high risk biological materials